How To Enter Your Jaguar Radio Code

Once you have your four digit Jaguar Radio Code you will need to enter it using the preset buttons on the front of the CD, Cassette player or Sat Nav system. If the display shows CODE INCORRECT PLEASE WAIT, LOCKED, or WAIT you need to leave it switched on for a maximum of one hour before entering the code. If the display shows Locked 10 this means that an incorrect radio unlock code has previously been entered ten times and you only have three more attempts left, to bypass this press and hold the number six button whilst switching the radio on you should now be able to enter the code. If the display shows LOCKED 13 the unit will need to be decoded by a local Car Radio Decoding company. Our radio code entry instructions cover the following models of Jaguar car or radio: XF, XE, XJ, Visteon, Alpine, XK, X-Type, S-Type

Code Entry For Most Alpine CD & Cassette Players

  • Firstly switch on the unit.
  • Enter your radio code as supplied for example press the number 4 3 2 1 if your code is 4321.

Code Entry For Most Visteon CD & Cassette Players

  • Firstly switch on the unit.
  • The display on your radio should show similar to _ _ _ _
  • Press the preset button 1 repeatedly for the first digit of your radio code.
  • Press preset button 2 repeatedly for the second digit.
  • Press preset button 3 repeatedly for the third digit.
  • Press preset button 4 repeatedly for the fourth digit.
  • Once your code is shown store & unlock the radio by pressing and holding the preset button 5 until you hear a beep.